Anyone else pace while they're on the phone?


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Sep 28, 2015
Gillette, WY
It drives my wife absolutely nuts, but I seriously can't sit in one place when I'm on the phone. I walk from room to room as she rolls her eyes.

I've done this for as long as I can remember, and have no idea why.
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Yep I pace too, but then again I hate wasting time just on the phone when I could be doing something else...I find it hard to stand still anyway though haha.
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'Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up 'pacing'....'
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LOL, yes. My wife laughs and me for using my hands while talking on the phone too, like describing something. She’s asked me “do you think they saw that?” LOL
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While I'm on the phone, I whittle on wood--with an extremely sharp, custom knife, made by a "Bob Montana," many years ago. I whittle figurines of known Deep State operatives.

Periodically I line them up in the "back 40," and do creative things with them.
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I've always done that. Not sure why, but my dad does it as well. When I worked in an office, it drove my co-workers crazy.
Y'know, I had seen this thread earlier and thought, "nah, I don't do that", but I just realized that I totally do this when on conference calls at work.

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I am also a pacer when I brush my teeth. I usually use the time to lock the vehicles for the night. Drives my wife nuts!

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Yeah I pace otherwise I get really distracted, I worked from home today due to the smoke and was interviewing a candidate and found myself pacing. I plan most of my calls to family/friends when walking my dog nowadays, love my AirPods because of that.