Anyone listening to any podcasts?

I listen to Rogan mainly for the comedians. His covid schtick is a little old and tired at this point. Theo Von is pretty funny, usually out there and not a lot of substance but funny and helps pass the time driving. Tom segura has a few podcasts, one with Burt kreischer and one with his wife. Mainly comedy ones are what I listen to. Occasionally I’ll throw on Stone Cold Steve Austin for some childhood nostalgia.
Darknet Diaries - for the repressed hacker in me.
Morning Wire is good for a daily news update.
Federalist Radio Hour - Emily Jashinsky asks really intelligent questions. Some episodes are boring but I enjoy most of the conversations.

And the usual suspects: Knowles, Shapiro and Walsh.
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Darkhorse podcast is outstanding. Darknet diaries is another. Scott's bass lessons podcast-always cool when he has a guest on. The Tone Control is another excellent music podcast. BBC has a series of 100 podcasts titled The History of The World In 100 Objects. Extremely interesting.
Revisionist History, The Economist, F1s Beyond the Grid, Crosscut's Escapes, NPR's Science Friday, Northwest Jeepcast (Ive linked to it but haven't listened to an episode yet) and a few others.