Anyone running a 2.5 inch lift with 33 inch tires? Pics and opinions wanted!

Piggybacking on OP's thread for convenience/laziness, take your pick. I'm taking delivery of an '05 LJR next week and have been assembling a parts list in case I want to pursue a lift. If I do...
  • JKS 3" coils (SKU JSPEC3300) - says they're closer to 2.5" for an LJ? Plus I'll eventually want to add stuff that weighs more...
  • Rancho 5000x lift shocks (SKUs RS55239 and RS55241)
  • Rough Country adjustable track bars (7572, 1075)
  • Zone bump stop extensions
  • Zone sway bar links
  • BMB 1.25" BL
  • Black Dog 1" MML
...all to get it to sit on 285/75-16 tires on the OEM Rubi wheels. I'll start my own thread eventually, but this is what I'm thinking right now. The track bars may be superfluous for this lift.
I personally wouldn't be comfortable running 33s on a 2.5" without adding a body lift to gain some tire clearance. I'm running a 2.5" OME lift with a 1.25" BMB body lift and 33x10.5s.

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I’m close to that - the Genrights make it look like 4”


If you pay attention to the quality of parts and your settings and purchase good tires you will get a great driving rig.