Anyone running Michelin LTX M/S tires? Same tread as a street-driven passenger car tire?


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Nov 17, 2020
Kalamazoo, MI
Michelin LTX on bottom, Walmart Goodyear Viva3 “All Season” on top.

I might buy the Goodyears (215-75-15 on 15x7’s) when the weather warms up in my continuing effort to stock-ify my Jeep.

The Goodyears are marketed for passenger cars and come in mostly small car tire sizes but I am surprised how similar the tread is to the Michelin LTX tires. The Michelins are really popular with daily driver type truck/suv/jeep folks.

I guess the space between the tread blocks might be slightly wider?

Anyone running the Michelins - can you post pics?

Think these are one of the stock options on the JL. Maybe more luck with reviews and pics on those forums, but obviously a bigger size
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i run them on my RAM ecodiesel . they last forever. got 90k on my last set and replaced with the same...they aint cheap but worth every penny . there Michelins !
Probably the best on road tire you can buy. They do well in snow and light off-road situations too. Cost a little more up front, but last forever and have full depth tread sipes so you can continue to use them down to the final bit of tread. Still would replace at minimum 2/32nds. I have owned many sets over the years used in business travel.

Michelin rebates for independent dealers coming March 17 - April 5 $70 off a set of any Michelin $120 off CrossClimate2 and Pilot styles.
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