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Anyone taking advantage of the 4th sales? If so, what are you buying


TJ Addict
Supporting Member
Mar 29, 2018
Northern WI


0-60 in 18 seconds
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Feb 17, 2018
Colorado, USA
Do you know how that one compares to Genright's? I'm curious since that one is on my wife's TJ.
There is good discussion of bumper plates in my build thread from the last few days. NV, Swag, PS, ... plates fully wrap around the crossmember. GR and Barnes do not. The wrap adds needed strength and protection to the crossmember.
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TJ apprentice
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Aug 23, 2018
Montgomery County, PA, USA
Shopping on Northridge by chance? ARB is only offering 5% and some retailers arnt including themselves in the discounts that Morris 4x4 is offering.
Yea I figured that much when nothing came off the price. Tried ordering BDS springs but free shipping I’ll prob still order them.


Jan 4, 2017
Indiana, United States
I upgraded my hammock, I'm a big person so I bought a double size underquilt, it's matching top quilt and a new rainfly.I doubt I'll use the stuff until fall, but I wanted to buy it early so I have some time to work out the kinks before I head to the Hoosier National Forest.

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