Anyone tried the new Fram oil?

I'm not sure what the issue is?
Fram obviously doesn't make their oil. They have the ugliest gray bottle (kind of like oreillys house brand 😉 hint hint...) and it meets whatever API certifications are required at present.
It's bottled for them by...who knows. I'm sure if you dig enough you can find out.

If you're worried about running it in a't.
Keep it changed regularly and go wheeling.
Fram = no way, no how
Fueled by old wive's tales and internet based self-propagating myths that I once believed too.

After spending several days in their testing labs and saw there processes, I switched to their Tough Guard filter which is a superb quality oil filter. Its micron-level tests show it filters better than many of the "boutique" oil filter that are 3-4X the cost.
Here's my writeup on that 2014 trip to Fram in Ohio.
Many years ago before I knew any better I would use Fram oil filters, but shifted over to Wix filters...
I agree with the previous post...
The switch was driven by all the engine rebuilds you had to do?

Put another way, I'm not a fan of big orange, never have been but I also fully recognize if there was any merit to all the internet BS over how bad they are, the highways would be littered with miles of dead cars from running their filters because they are nothing if not beyond common.
It’s hilarious how many people are utterly terrified of using Fram filters, based off of things they read on the web, repeated by others, who got their opinions from others, who also got the same baseless information from others. No matter how much digging I try to do, I can’t find the original failures where all the Fram mythology started from. I’ve been running nothing but Fram for 7 or 8 years now in all my vehicles simply to prove the point that their filters are 100% fine, and they have in fact worked very well, with of course not a single failure.

Same thing for the “cheap” oil. Oil is regulated, and if it’s the proper viscosity, there is no reason to shy away from any of them. The cheaper it is, the better the value it is in my mind.

As for the Fram oil itself, haven’t ever seen it but I wouldn’t be scared to run it at all. I’m sure it’s probably the same or very similar to the Supertech brand at Walmart, Amazonbasics at Amazon, and Kirkland at Costco. Oil is oil.
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I’m sure it’s probably the same or very similar to the Supertech brand at Walmart,
Oddly, we had a gent from another forum that worked at a large filter factory that built to customer specs. He reported that the SuperTech filter for Walmart was one of the highest quality filters they produced.
WIX makes Walmart’s filters. The only issue with them is they only carry the most popular sizes. My YJ was manufactured in Canada and has metric threads which I’ve only been able to get from WIX now. I buy all my filters online for the same price as Fram. Unfortunately I have to stock 15 sets of unique filters. Unfortunately after my son totaled our Honda last summer with a moose I had 3 oil and 1 air left in my stock.
Engine Masters on Motor Trend just did a show measuring flow and pressure. Fram had the lowest score, but I don’t think there is enough to create a problem. They found the 10 micron k&n to be the best bang for the buck.