Anyone using a Rockville powered sub?

I used the Rockville SS8P 400W sub in my 99 TJ. I put it under the back seat and ran the power from the battery. I was looking for the same thing...just fuller sound with some bass and this definitely fit the bill. I can feel some thump in the back of my driver seat and i'm plenty happy with the quality of the sound. There are some controls on base level and boost on the sub itself that i had to play with, but i'm generally mid range on all the dials so i'm not stressing it. I also have a new head unit driving it which has some bass / sub controls there as well. I've got the two dialed in pretty good now and happy. I will say, it initially was too much bass and i had to dial it back for my taste. I listen to country / classic rock so i don't need much thump. Hope that helps.

Edit: Oh, and i've only had it for a month so can't speak to longevity, but it's a solid case and mounts well so I have no reason to think it won't be durable.
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Yes. I went with the 10”. Put fit perfect behind rear seat. Best upgrade for price I’ve done.
I went with the 10” as well, placed behind the rear seat on the driver’s side with the speaker facing the tailgate. Left me just enough room to carry my tool bag, ammo can “air compressor case” and recovery bag.