April is Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month

This is just FREAKING awesome......

This artificial muscles robotic arm is operated by water and consumes 200W at peak. The hand weighs 1kg (2,2 lbs) and the dumbbell weighs 7kg (15,6 lbs).
The portable power supply and valves have complete controllability of speed contraction and can compress the whole powering system. The movement sequence was written and sent by simple commands to the hand.

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It’s a Miracle!
Just about 7 years ago I lost my left leg below the knee. I’m not sure where I left it but It is most likely hiding out with all the single socks that get lost in the laundry. Anyway, I have been rubbing Miracle-Gro on the stump for 3 months. It’s spring and the timing is important. Well today my hands are huge as I realize I should have worn gloves! I’m thinking little toes will sprout soon. Yes indeed, by fall I may be walking on a freshly grown left leg. This Miracle-Gro process could fix all sorts of short comings!
The last time I was over at my sisters house one of my BIL's coworkers came over to purchase a car they were selling. He'd brought his family along so his wife could drive their car home. He's got 3 little girls with the oldest about 8 or 9 and then the middle one about 7. We took the kids around the farm and showed them all the animals. They got to pet the horses & cows. Then fed the chickens and gathered up the eggs.
Well the middle daughter finally had to ask what had happened to my leg. Now we were all standing around talking so I looked at her with a serious face and told her that I hadn't ate my vegetables like I was supposed to. Her eyes got as big as saucers and her jaw dropped to her knees while she's looking at her mom to see if it was true. They couldn't keep a straight face for very long so I had to tell her what really happened.
Mr White, what’s your height? I’m 5 foot 10 inches on the left side. 4 foot 10 inches on the right. Excuse me Mr White, how’s that? I lost a whole foot on the right. True Story…

This is some TOTALLY fucked up shit in Michigan.....

I have a question about Driving in MICHIGAN as an RBKA with a prosthetic leg. Today, 08/03/2022, the Secretary of State, Driver Assessment Office reissued a RESTRICTED DRIVER's LICENSE to REQUIRE ME TO HAVE CERTIFICATION BY AN OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST (OT-DT) DRIVER TRAINER in order to drive using just my prosthetic leg. I have letters from both my Prosthetist and my P.T. Ph.D. stating that I can drive independently. However, MICHIGAN SOS does not recognize Prosthetists and PTs as appropriate to document my ability to drive independently with an adaptive device. It must be an OT-DT!

I paid an OT-DT $675 for a 3-hour evaluation that recommended Hand Controls unless I continued improving under P.T. and Prosthetic Supervision. I have and the PT and Prosthetist have written documentation letters. P.T. has provided over 50 hours of Insurance Paid training, and the Prosthetist rode around with me to document that I had no difficulty using my prosthesis to brake and/or accelerate. So, what is the story with SOS? I have done as they asked, yet now they want another OT-DT @ $179.00/hour to CERTIFY THAT I CAN DRIVE WITH MY PROSTHETIC LEG. SOS will NOT ACCEPT documentation from a PT, and Prosthetist that I am able to drive. Again, it must be an OT-DT.

I will also state that SOS has disrupted my community-based rehab program of driving to/from PT, Prosthetists, Medical Appointments, and Support Groups because the MTA Your Ride Services are over-booked and only provide transportation to folks who are going to/from employment. I am frustrated to a high degree and now have a reputation with SOS as having an abrasive personality. I call it Self-Advocacy! (I fired the OT-DT who turned my ($675.00) purchased assessment over to SOS without 1st providing me with a copy! I also filed a CIVIL RIGHTS complaint against SOS for denying me a routine Driver's Assessment which they will provide to anyone in Michigan who wants to drive. If you have a disability, they separate you out and supposedly provide equal services-- NOT).

I've been stuck in this SOS Driver Assessment mess for 6 months! And why does the Rehabilitation Team (M.D., PT, OT, OT-DT) not work positively with patients to help them understand that it is an OT-DT that will determine whether, or not, they will ever drive again in MICHIGAN? Patients pay a high price when caught in a Rehab team that does not explain and cooperate among themselves) Talk me out of this mess I seem to have gotten myself. Or find me an OT-DT who will assess me as I drive with them while using my Prosthetic leg?

I have the SOS list of Certified OT-DTs in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. They seem to be scarce as Hen's Teeth.
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