ARB dual air filter relocation


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May 17, 2020
I just finished up installing my ARB dual under the hood on a M.O.R.E mount. I have fenders with the mesh and ran my quick connect out to there. I wheel some muddy stuff as you can see from the under hood area. I am wanting to relocate the air filters and am wondering if I could run them along with the quick connect in the fender for fresh air, or am I better off coming inside the firewall?



Your air filters are fine where they are now. You can run a pre filter cover over them to help repel any debris…

Unless you just feel a need to move them that is. If that’s the case then I would still run a pre filter on them. Also, don’t use standard hose to extend the air filter intake. Use vacuum hose. You don’t want it collapsing in on itself under use…

As far as your quick connects, get some covers for them. It’s cheap insurance…

ARB quick connect dust cover…