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AX15 swap with SWE and driveline length


May 20, 2019
Helena MT
I was reading about this swap on another forum. Here's what someone said:

"A late 90's 2.5 Dakota bell housing with an ax15 will work but it is a bit of a swap. You will have drive shaft length issues since the ax15 is a bit longer."

I read on Novak that the AX5 is 15-5/8" long, and the AX15 is 16-1/2".

Here's my question. Is that extra 7/8" on the AX15 going to require a shorter dual-cv driveshaft length if I install a SYE first? Meaning, can a dual-cv driveshaft absorb the transfer case moving back 5/8"? I guess I'd need to consider the length of the Dakota bell housing too. I don't know how that compares to the TJ bell housing.

Steel City 06

TJ Addict
Mar 12, 2019
Pittsburgh, PA
I believe Novak and Advance Adapters both carry adapters for the 4.0 AX-15 to the 2.5 and 2.4 engines. Then you can buy a brand new AX-15 instead of a remanufactured or rebuilt one. Both of those sites sell the brand new AX-15s