Axle Questions

A locked Dana 35 with 35s that survived more than a week? Say it ain't so. You just blew up the internet. (y) ;) I can't wait until Caitlyn Jenner is Governor of Cali.
I'm still on my original Dana 30 and Dana 35 with 35" tires. Did the 30 spline 4340 Chrome Molly upgrades. Just be easy on the skinny peddle. No size axle is immune top breaking.
That’s a S35.....some claim it’s better than a 44
I went three years without breaking mine, but it wasn't locked.
I don't think I've ever used my rear locker on a blue trail, I might have used my rear a handful of times on some black trails at RC. I've never attempted any of the red trails but that might change this year. I trailer it to RC so if it breaks I'm not that worried.
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I was under the impression that 4340 is not a suitable material for an axle shaft that serves as a bearing surface, as in the Dana 35.

I believe 1541H is the go to.
Sorry I just went back and looked at my purchase order and I've been calling out the wrong number. They are 1541H :confused::confused: