Backup camera

Brian Alcorn

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Apr 29, 2019
2004 hardtop .. looking for suggestions on where to mount it.. comes with plenty of wire and a plug connection extention so it could be on the top or not. Paperwork says center of vehicle but if mounted in the spare it won't be centered thanks in advance

A lot of the JK/JL community choose to mount their backup cameras along the upper edge of the hard-top.
Which in my mind makes the most sense, and where I plan to mount mine as well.

(protected from breaking, mounted high for a better view, and simple to run wiring along the interior)

With hard top off, you don't really need it as the soft top/top-off has great visibility.

Mounted mine on the bumper. It works well I’m hoping the hitch provides some protection. But if it gets damaged it was only $30 something and I can replace it quickly.

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Bracket above the License plate on the two frame bolts. It didn't matter if it was centered on mine. You just focus it a little bit to the other side. Inconspicuous and out of sight.

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So I mounted it in the middle of the spare ... thats not on the jeep.. I have it just no tire .. long story kinda, here's the camera and the view. Thanks for the input


OK, I'm pleased I found this thread. I really didn't want to bump this 5-year-old one.

I plan to mount a backup camera, and I'd really like to find a way to mod the JL mount (center of spare) so it fits a TJ... mainly so that I have the option of adding a spare tire cover without interfering with the camera. Has anyone done that? Maybe I can scrounge up a mount at a pick-and-pull and figure something out.

I see @8rent made a bracket like what I'm looking for, shown in his video at 7:20-ish. I really need to get my printer back up & running so I can fabricate this sort of stuff.