Ball Joint Seating Question


Aug 26, 2023
Washington DC
I have installed new upper and lower ball joints to my 2000 TJ.

As you can see the ball joint shoulders are seated firmly against the C.

You can also see that the knuckle is NOT firmly against the rubber of the ball joint.

Why won’t this seat firmly against the ball joint?

Help me understand why and how to fix if you can.

Thanks guys!




When you tighten the castle nut does the tapered shaft spin? Assuming it’s the right ball joint you need more umpf on that to get it to seat. I am sure someone here has got a trick or two to share.
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You can't really tell the gap based on the dust boot. That will move down once filled with grease. For me, I would torque the castle nut down. If it's torqued, and you can line up the cotter pin hole then you're seated.

Sounds good! I’ll torque them down and see where I stand. Appreciate the feedback.
The rubber boot exists to contain and protect the grease that lives above it inside the moveable portion of the ball joint. Whatever happens on the other end is of no concern to the rubber boot.
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