Banks Turbo Kit Discontinued


Bill M.

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Gales Banks Power has discontinued the Sidewinder turbo kit. Bank's states they will continue to offer tech and parts support.

Source inside Banks states that the pre-2005 installations were having trouble passing smog tests and could require new programing and/or equipment along with CARB re-certification if Banks were to continue sales of these kits. The 2005/2006 kits do not have these issues. He went on to state that with the effective elimination of the pre-2005 TJ, which was 3/4 of the kit sales, that the remaining 2005/2006 market was to small to continue to produce kits for.

Hp Tuners does support the 2005/2006 Jeep TJ/LJ including the Banks installation with great success, in fact HP Tuners support both PCM and TCM which the Diablo tuner supplied with the Banks Kit did not. If you own a 2005/2006 TJ/LJ and want to buy one of these well engineered kits now is the time to pull the trigger. Banks has no kits available but some Banks dealers are reported to have a limited number of kits available.

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I wonder if they will be discounted? Or perhaps the price will now skyrocket, haha! Thanks for the post.
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