Barne's Gas Tank Skid - Reviews?


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Nov 30, 2020
St. Louis, MO
Anyone here running a Barnes Gas Tank skid? I'm thinking about getting one later this year because of the attractive price point and USA made. Anyone here have any feedback on it? any fitment issues?
Not a fan. I have one but had to do modifications to it. Specifically the front most mounts are slotted in the wrong direction. They're slotted left to right rather than front to back. Every other one is slotted front to back.

Edit: I see that they have changed their design. The one I have is a one piece design. The new one has the slots correctly. However, I would go with a Savvy if I did it all over again.
I haves the Barnes gas tank. I like it because it came in bare steel and easy of install. I used the harbor freight transmission jack it had made it a-lot easier. I had to buy the jack for a clutch replacement job.
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