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Bartact seat covers


TJ Enthusiast
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Feb 13, 2017
I've been wanting to buy some seat covers for awhile now. Since I bought my TJ brand new in 2005, my factory seats have seen a lot of everyday abuse. And buying NEW seats would be pretty expensive.

@Chris had a good review on seat covers that he recommends. And I researched his choices quite a bit. I just kept coming back to the Bartact.

I LOVE the fact that's it's an American Company selling their American made items. And they are a pleasure to talk to on the phone.

You can get a variety of different colors, but I wanted black. Unfortunately, they were out of stock, and they had a 5 week wait period.

Now, I'm not a patient man, and my wife would agree. When I buy something, I want it NOW. And I saw where other online sites had the seat covers in stock. But, I wanted to support an American Company, so I ordered from them.

To my surprise, I received a shipping notification almost 2.5 weeks later.
This made me very happy!

I received the seat covers today, and these would have been worth waiting for 5 weeks. They fit very nice, and very tight. They made my worn factory seats comfortable again. And the cab looks almost brand new once again.

I also ordered the lumbar support bladder. It's cheap, and I wasn't expecting much out of them. But my wife was happy with how they worked. So that's good.

I also really liked the storage bags that came with them. A small bag for each front seat, with a larger bag for the rear. I fastened the rear bag to the passenger seat instead. And I plan on buying another one for the driver side.






I'm very pleased with these. And from here on out, these are the seat covers I recommend. The quality is exceptional, and I can't wait to put some abuse towards them.


TJ Addict
Supporting Member
May 22, 2017
Auburn, AL, United States
I abdolutely love mine. My dogs beat the heck out of my and just takes a brush to get the dog hair off. Love also getting off the boat and not worried about a towel or staining my seats. Glad to see you like them!


TJ Enthusiast
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Feb 13, 2017
They look good, but what are they made of? Please don't say neoprene...
Nope, not neoprene. That's a question I asked them the first time I called. He said they'd never use cheap material like that.

They use some sort of waterproof polyester material. Granted, the seat covers are not water proof, just water resistant.


Staff Member
Sep 28, 2015
Salem, Oregon
That's good then! I have no idea why any of these seat cover manufacturers started using neoprene. It's such a horrible material for seats. Either way, these look impressive! They look like they fit just as good as my IGGEEs, mine are just vinyl instead of polyester obviously.


TJ Enthusiast
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Jul 6, 2017
I'll chime in on the Bartacts. I love them. Went with black and red.

Still have to order the back seat. No way was I shelling out all that dough at once without seeing their product.
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TJ Enthusiast
Jun 1, 2016
New Jersey
100% these covers. Ive been eyeing them for a year. They do look great and the quality is excellent. The YouTube clip going around says it all. I was also able to see / feel them in person at NJ Jeep Invasion.

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Jeep # 13
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Sep 16, 2016
Albuquerque, NM
Got a set for my front seats also. Black with charcoal inner section. Best seat covers I have had, worth the cost. Today I had the top down and a quick storm blew through and wet the interior pretty well. Took a towel to the Bartact covers, seemed like it hadn't even rained. Love 'em.

The zippered pockets on the seat fronts (and backs) are a great feature also.
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New Member
I have the Bartacts in front. Will be ordering the rear seat cover soon. Like Reece, I wanted to try them out in front before ordering the full set. I could not be more impressed with them. Probably the cheapest, most effective way to upgrade your interior.


Supporting Member
Feb 2, 2017
Round Rock, TX
I had neoprene covers in my TJ and didn't want the same in the LJ. I researched the Bartacts online before deciding to pull the trigger. It's tough shelling out that much cash just for seat covers but they are worth it. I did fronts only, too. I got a deal on them at an off road expo in Ft Worth for $280 and shipped free.

Installion is quick and simple. They fit very snug. The MOLLE system was a little quirky for me at first but I quickly got the hang of weaving the straps and like it now. I only have the bags that come with them but one day might add more as I see necessary. The front zipper pocket is convenient.

I have small kids and found this handle on eBay that works well on the back of the passenger seat to give them a grab handle to help pull themselves up and into the LJ.

MOLLE Vest Drag Handle Backpack Add On Universal Spec USA Made

I think I will eventually get the rear cover too. Will look for another show special.

I haven't had to test their waterproof claim but only the stitching is said to not be waterproof. Water can wick thru the stitching but they told me I could use seam sealer on the backside to help lessen that.

I don't think anyone would be disappointed in these covers once you're past the expense vs. lesser quality covers.