Best visual tire size on LJ?

very nice look! Are those technically 33's or are they 285's ?
From what I am reading on the tire sites, some tires will actually measure out at 32 even though they are 33's. Same with some 285's

Are you looking for a true 33? 🤣
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I saw a stock LJ today, which doesn't happen very often in this area. Somehow it looked really off in terms of proportions. That wheelbase just begs for larger tires.

I actually like the stock gladiators (non Rubicon)

I kinda like the stock Mojaves, but just because of the geometry of a Gladiator I feel like you have to go all in for it to be usable offroad. Unless it's just a pavement princess daily driver then I just question why you chose a Gladiator. Just my opinion, but everyone has different taste.
On 33's now, huge improvement from the stock 30.5's, but I would love to move to 35's, just don't think that's feasible anytime soon.