Blaine's an asshole (safe space)

Is Blaine an asshole

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Asshole? Might be harsh... Abrasive and doesnt give a fuck about you and how you feel. Yep thats him. Take him for what hes worth or dont and block him. Man knows his shit, but delivers it with 120 grit toilet paper.
We don’t need Blaine apologists in here, take that shit to the regular threads!
One time Blaine ripped me a new one for buying seat risers that were not Buchanan. That was 2017 and my feelers are still hurt. 🤣
I don't think I quite put it like that. If I did, I apologize. I more than likely pointed out that I like to support the originators of products in favor of the cost cutting imitations and copy cats.
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He is a complete ass which is why I put him on my ignore list a long time ago. The forum has been a better place for me since then. I never learned a thing from him, other than I should buy his brakes.
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Not sure if he is an asshole, he may be a little rough at times, but he is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to TJ’s. For that I’ll give him a pass.

When you are super knowledgeable in your field and the same reoccurring questions pop up over and over again. When false or just bad info is given, it’s hard to bite your tongue…. You get to a point where you just don’t care. Add that this is an Internet forum, the act of caring gets way more reduced.

I’d have to meet him in person to get a fair assessment. I have read enough that he goes out of his way to help, if the person is willing to learn and help themselves.

Asshole or not, I always listen to what he says, even if he sometimes speaks in riddles, think it’s his way of getting you to think thru the problem
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