Body Roll: Control Arms, Shocks, Or?

Any kind of bump I hit I feel it sway back and forth after I have passed the bump. I have not experienced that in my other TJ. So I'm kinda stumped. My initial thought it might be cheap/undurable/ light springs but the 4x4 shop brushed over that question. But the sway does not bother me as much as the loose steering.

So swaying back and forth and then settling? Yeah, shocks dampen the body from left/right for/aft motion. Sound like new shocks are in order.
10-4. I always see on here that if you go with the Ranchos and have a 3" lift. To get their 0-2" Shock instead of the 3"+. Is there actually a big difference in ride quality or is that just talk?

I wouldn't get the shorter shock. I have 2.5" lift and the shock is within 1/4" of balanced travel up and down in front. The rear is more of a packaging compromise and is shorter than desired. You'll need bumpstops set accordingly
Make sure sway bar links are good. Replace as needed. Torque properly.
Check your tie rod jamb nut
Shocks definitely play a role in body roll. A tune-able shock is ideal ($$$)

It’s not springs or CA’s