Boosted Technologies Eaton M90 Supercharger Kit

For the yj jeep and manual transmission, there is an extension for the brake booster putting it closer to the front of Jeep. In order for the bypass valve vacuum diaphragm to work, I had to slightly modify it and get a different vacuum nipple for the brake booster. Simple really.
The other thing I did was bore the throttle bracket that is sandwiched between the throttle body. The stock size is 64mm I think. I bored out to 70mm to match my throttle body. the inlet side of the supercharger is actually aroun 68mm; if you look at the picture looking into the throttle body, you can see how the bore is stepped down from the larger throttle body. It is quite possible that a 68mm throttle body is the ideal size here.
I had some header problems that arose after the install so I had to take it all apart again. But guess what, you can remove the intake with the supercharger mounted!!!easy peasy

No dyno yet. I actually don't care what the number is, really. I know it runs better and that is good enough for me. I know I can smoke a 2014 2 dr Jeep with its6spd.
Nice. I think this is a very good solution for the 4.0 and allows you to keep it 100% street drivable while giving you that extra power the 4.0 lacks on long highway trips and uphill.

Doesn't break the bank either, and in addition to that it's completely safe on stock internals and the stock setup.
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