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Arizona Broke down in Phoenix


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Sep 20, 2020
Vienna, Il
I’m in Phoenix on vacation from Illinois and tore up the spider gears in the rear differential of my 2004 TJ rubicon. Chunks of steel lying in the differential oil. Axle is locked and banging hard to turns. Every repair shop is closed today 1/16/21. Can anyone help by pointing me to a repair man/shop? Need help by 1/17/21 if possible.
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Vienna, wow. Thats a whole nother country down there LOL. I lived in DuQuoin for quite awhile, In-laws are in Murphysboro. I don't think I've ever seen anybody that's from further south than that. I used to venture down to Cape often.

Did you drive the Jeep all the way out here?
No I put it on a trailer just in case I had issues. I’m glad I did. It seems the problem nowadays is getting parts. I’m still waiting on the lockers that I ordered and the axles.