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Can’t Drill Straight?


TJ Enthusiast
May 29, 2016
Peoria, AZ
Even after 50+ years of practice I still struggle at times keeping the drill or tap square with the surface.

Santa brought me these guides last year.


These two have replaced most of the homemade guides I collected thru the years.

The latest use that showed how handy this guide can be was a repair I did on my power washer axle. The wheel was originally retained by a stupid, pushed on, pal nut, that had to be mangled in order to remove the wheel. I decided to drill the 5/8” axle shaft for an old school cotter pin. The chances of me drilling the hole straight thru the center of the shaft was about zero.

The drill guide has v notch in the bottom to center it on a round shaft.


Sometimes the right tools make all the difference.


abe abel

Feb 8, 2017
I totally need some of these! I too have an issue with drilling straight.
ive had the same problem over the years until I welded a piece of angle iron to a plate of steel that has to be squared to start with like your axle shaft grind a small flat spot on it then center punch it for a starting point clamp axle to angle iron and if ya can put in drill press
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TJ Enthusiast
May 29, 2016
Peoria, AZ
When using a drill press I’ve used this jig for years.



You use a 7/16” bit to center the jig under the drill press quill and clamp down the jig. Clamp in your round stock and install the apporiate size drill for the desired hole size.

The original block I showed above works very well when you can’t bring the piece to the drill press.
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