Can’t seem to find Revolution gears anywhere


Oct 10, 2020
Has Corona also hit the decent gear market, killing production?

In search of 4.88s for my 2006 Rubicon. They seem unobtanium. Does anyone have knowledge of any gathering dust?
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Currently 32" with what I assume is the 42RLE transmission. We've got some mountains around here, so regearing was something I have been looking forward to for some time. I considered 4.56, but then decided that in the future I'd be looking at larger tires (but not obnoxiously larger), so I'd like to gear for the future.
If you're thinking eventually 35's, definitely go with 5.38. 4.88 is not enough gear for 35's with the 42RLE. They'll work great for 33's too without excessive highway RPM's. I bought my present TJ with the same 42RLE with 35's and 4.88 gears. It was so bad on the highway that I regeared to 5.38 a couple years ago. My MPG even jumped up nearly 25% after getting the 5.38 gears in.
I could see myself going to 33s, but not quite to 35s (subject to change) primarily because that would involve a higher lift. Gears I can justify to my better half, but not so much larger tires. Just got new Duratracs, so incremental upsizing would take a while. :)

If you're going to 33s, install at least 5.13s.
Until I get the 33s (could be a while... see above), would 5.13 have a downside with the 32s? Or is I went with the 5.38s, would I be suffering until the tire upsize?

Edit: of course this is all just an exercise in futility, as the gears of either size are virtually unobtanium. Friggin Covid.
Of course runnning 32" tires with 3.73 gears is the highest level of intellectual experience a human can achieve. :ROFLMAO:
I get 16.47 average and can do any trail I want, no issues here.

Sorry @Hasselblad if I wasn't clear, don't do it. Wait and gear for the tires your have. The 42RLE is absolutely not designed to take heavy loads in overdrive and you are forcing it with these silly gear choices. Don't do anything in the "5s" ever. Jerry has replaced shafts and all kinds of nonsense and doesn't even daily drive his Jeep. It's a joke. Just bro science at it's worst.
These deep gears are high risk for big money problems these high rollers that don't daily their jeeps just don't care about. Think carefully about it.
in the future I'd be looking at larger tires

The OP already said above he has decided on larger tires.

In the future he is "looking."

That's when he should revisit gears and hear your whimsical stories about increased mileage that could have been achieved by pressing the O/D button on your dash and getting the exact same ratio on the freeway. This gearing discussion is always great, full of really great information about all the threads with people getting vibes and buying lockout hubs like you have now. How much they cost? Forgot to mention that too?
Until I get the 33s (could be a while... see above), would 5.13 have a downside with the
32s? Or is I went with the 5.38s, would I be suffering until the tire upsize?
this was done quickly on my phone but ...

32s w/5.13
32s w/5.38
33s w/5.13
33s w/5.38

*some members have issues with harmonic vibrations and a Rubicon/42rle/5.xx gears combo
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Grimjeeper is great, just keep in mind the driveshaft speeds are extremely high with those gears at highway speeds. Way beyond what any of it was designed for. It all has to be working perfect not to give you issues. Very few people daily these ratios. It absolutely can work but if it doesn't you are in for thousands of dollars and literally years of troubleshooting as documented by threads on this forum.