Can I get a value for my Jeep?

I'll tell you what vehicle I wouldn't buy even if it was "the deal of the century" - a 2013 to 2019 Nissan Pathfinder. The CV transmission is a disaster. It will fail and throw error codes that don't turn on the CEL. Only solution is a replacement because the rebuilds don't work. The replacements have the same flaw so there is no getting away from it.

How do I know? Because like many others I went through three transmissions before ditching the stupid vehicle. To me that is an example of a serious problem.

In comparison the PCM and OPDA are trivial, especially considering they are both easily swapped out by the DIYer as well.

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Considering I just bought a 2006 LJ I am curious too what issues there are besides the above two. I was surprised the PCM is more for the manual then an automatic, I’d figured it would have been opposite.

With the LJ you will run into several model specific problems.
The envious stares of other jeepers.
The smoother ride that takes away from the "Jeep" driving experience.
Having to figure out what to do with the extra room behind the rear seat.
But seriously other than the PCM and OPDA the only other later year issue I have found is that the HVAC controls were re-designed (I believe in 05) and are significantly more expensive if they need replaced.
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