Car pics too cool not to share

I liked what the McLaren Mustangs represented, I just don't like the way they "presented'. The nose treatment was less than stellar, the hood was hideous, and the rest of it was "eh". And on that particular example, the color does nothing for me. I definitely like the later SVO much, much better.

If it’s any consolation, for the most part I only like the convertible fox bodies. The McLaren reminds me of Mad Max and that’s not my thing.
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I love Phoenix winters. Have worn shorts all winter.

The 1 winter I lived there it fuking snowed. Put down roughly 3 to 4 inches on the roads. About the only vehicles you saw drivng around had out of state plates and my '71 Pontiac LeMans was one of them. My room mate left his Comanche sitting at the apartment complex and rode with me.
Like Squatch , I have a hankering for Non typical Fox bodies. Wagons can be cool and fly under the radar.

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I saved an '80 Fairmont wagon from the scrapyard (paid the guy $100 for it, which was $25 more than the yard offered him for it). Did full Mustang GT suspension and brakes, a big rear sway bar, and a quick-ratio R&P to guide it. Still had the anemic 200 cid six cylinder in it while I was using it as my commuter, though, which meant I could throw it into a corner at "I shouldn't do that" speeds, but it took me two days to get up to those speeds. :LOL: It wasn't much to look at, but I loved that car. A buddy now owns it, and is prepping a vintage 289 to drop in it.
Fairmont on the street.jpg

Snow-Fairmont 2.jpg
What is the support structure under that hitch?

It is like others said, just the drip rail holds the hitch on. We were going to make reinforcements for it on the inside and bolt it to the actual roof, but never happened. The guy we got it from drove it from Madera to Sacramento like it is currently set up. The trailer has not weight to it though. It is just a shell.

It would have been a fun project and that is why we got it, but like many other "looks like it would be fun" things we have got in the past, it is another one that got put to the wayside, and now lost interest in. We will probably sell the car and scrap the trailer. Depends on if someone wants a project like that.
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