Car pics too cool not to share

1930 Chevy roadster pickup !


I know there’s a lot of Mustang hate here but this has always been one of my favorite videos. The first 30 seconds gets me every time. Pure raw sounding.

Who's the hater? We might prefer other cars, but I don't think anyone here hates Mustangs, but the owners, yeah, we don't like them. :sneaky:

I had a factory stock '03 Cobra for a little while. That was an impressive car, I wish I still had it. I think it was the fastest top-end car that I've ridden in. Rumor has it that the factory speed limiter would kick in at 165 mph. I may have tickled that limiter a time or two in 5th gear, which means I still had one to go. Man, I miss that car. Have I mentioned my Jeep can keep up with traffic on the highway most of the time. :LOL:

Look at that, I found it in the background of another car pic. Somehow, that seem to be the only photo evidence of that car.
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<——— This guy.

I will admit that the Fox bodies are a cheap car to get into drag racing. Those darn thangs are everywhere at a drag strip.

Fox bodies are FUGLY. They don't even look like a Mustang. Even the Mustang ][ looks (far) better.
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