Car pics too cool not to share

Those '67s are a good looking car. Don't see a lot of them around, anymore.

Full size Fords of the '60s aren't very common around here either, but I do see them often enough to know they're not extinct. I know a guy who picked up a nice driver '62 convertible a few years ago. I think the story is it had been parked in a garage since the early '90s.
I was back out in the sticks today. I didn't find any cars worth taking pics of yesterday, but I did find a few trucks today around a small town.

I found this one on a cattle farm.



These two seemed very out of place in a subdivision.



It might just be that I'm more of a Chevy and MoPar guy, but I hardly ever see Coyote swaps. I see LS swaps everywhere, and Gen III HEMIs enough to consider them fairly common, but I can't even think of the last Coyote swap that I saw.

I've seen some Coyote swaps in older Ford pickups and maybe 1 or two cars but yes not as popular.
Even the 5.0 and 5.8 wasn't as popular. But for the Jeep world I seem to remember there were some reasons also.
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