Car pics too cool not to share

Like so many motor homes. Its fun to ID the cars that lights came from while you're cruising down I-5 for hours. My wife is also amused at how easily entertained I can be at times.

I'd do stuff like that, even as a kid. My dad was amused, but my mom was indifferent to it. No in-car DVD player necessary to keep me entertained (not that DVDs were a thing, yet). And yes, there were a number of motorhomes that ran Chevy pickup and/or van taillights, as I recall. Funny how stuff like that jumps out at a car guy.
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I thought I'd share an old family friend's car. It's a '90s build that he bought last year after he retired and had to correct a bunch of old work before driving. My other friend got it done for him just a few months ago, but sadly my friend who owns the car died rather suddenly last week, so he really didn't get to enjoy this car. Play with your toys and other things you enjoy while you can.