Cerakote Ceramic Trim Coat


Jul 23, 2020
I thought I would share a bit about the Cerakote Ceramic Trim Coat plastic trim restorer I used on my bumper and fender flares. I have no affiliation with Cerakote just a heads up. I have seen this trim coat mentioned a few places so thought people might be interested.

It definitely darkens the trim up very nicely, putting more gloss on the extensions than the flares. There were some rough spots and stains on the flares and the Cerakote doesn't really cover them - they're a little less noticeable since it darkened the flares, but still clearly there if you look (pictures are bad and make it looks worse on the after). Places like below the gas fill were obviously where I noticed it the most. For $20 for the kit, which will cover my Jeep 2x, I am pretty happy with it. Not the same results as doing a really thorough paint job, and I'll learn more about the durability over the next few months but on first impressions I definitely would take it over other products I have tried for trim like Back to Black.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the results, but I also don't think it's any sort of miracle cure. The kit contains 10 wipes, and I needed 5 to do my flares, license plate holder, and bumper extensions. They include some nitrile gloves which is nice since I think you definitely don't want this on your skin. It smells pretty gnarly if your'e up close, like leaning in for detail work, so be aware of that. I used it in an open garage and didn't have any issues with fumes though, and there is nothing that says you need a mask or anything. After a wash with some Dawn dish soap to degrease, I let it get plenty dry since the reaction with water is to be avoided. I also went ahead and masked off the paint, which actually took more time than the actual application.

My picture skills are pretty poor and my garage lighting isn't great, but hopefully this gives everyone an idea on results.




Bringing this back, how did they hold up?
For $20 I am happy with how it looks still - definitely a major improvement over how they were. It seems to be holding up fairly well, but doesn't look as good as it did in the weeks after I used it.

If you're looking for really great results though I would recommend taking the flares off and painting with SEM - I haven't used that but others seem really satisfied with it. The Cerakote is more of a "quick fix" than a real overhaul.