Changed outside door handles, now door won't open


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Feb 12, 2019
New England
I purchased a pair of new metal outside door handles for my shop to install earlier this week. I heard they are a PITA to put in, especially with the clips inside the panel. Now I can't open my passenger door. (issue with the lock?)

Yes, I will bring it back to the shop. What can I do now, to get my door open? TIA!


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Sep 6, 2016
Chicago, IL
I wouldn't mess with the passenger door until the shop looks at it. When you pick the jeep back up, test the door out before leaving the shop.


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Mar 14, 2019
Chattanooga, TN
I did this a couple months ago to my jeep. It was a PITA. I ran into an issue with some of the tie-rods that connect the locking mechanism to the door handle getting 'restricted' essentially. There is an adjustment on the rod that connects to the handle that allows you to make the handle 'lighter' or 'harder' to open. That adjustment could be too tight or to loose and restricting the lock from happened to me.
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