Check Engine Light & Hard to Refuel?


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Aug 21, 2018
Spokane, WA, USA
I bought a 03' Rubicon about a month ago from a local dealership. Everything has been great until the other day when the check engine light came on.

I took it to my local mechanic and he said that it was an EVAP leak code and recommended I try to take it back to the dealer who I bought it from to see if they could help me. I contacted the dealer, and they seem to be honorable about it and will look at it this Wednesday.

However, this morning an interesting thing happened. I went to the gas station to fill up, and while I was fueling, the pump kept shutting off (like it was full). I tried 2 different pumps, so I do not think think the pump is the issue. It pumps for about 2-3 seconds before shutting off. During these 2-3 seconds I can hear (what seems like) air coming from the tank, "whoooooosh". However, gas did not spill out of the tank.

I am wondering if this issue has to do with the CEL? Or is this a separate issue?

Thank you so much!
This is a common issue with the Wranglers, and any older vehicle that has seen plenty of ethanol fuel in it.

The fix is here: Wrangler TJ Gas Overflow Fix

That could actually have something do with the CEL since it is an evap related CEL.
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Really quick just verify that the plastic leash that holds the gas cap to the body didn't get in between the filler neck and the cap when it was tightened. I had that happen and it throw an evap leak code. It look about 2 min to clear after I corrected it.
I used to have this exact same problem and thought it was related to the CEL as well. Instead of a leak, I thought there might have been a block in the line if that’s even possible that caused the pump to think the tank was full due the pressure and only filled about 3/4s full. I had it looked at by a dealer and they could not actually find a leak. Eventually, the issue just went away and I hasn't returned in over ten years.

I was also using a locking gas cap around that time. I don’t think it was related but I took it off to be safe. I would definitely check the filler neck and even jiggling it.
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Thanks everyone for your help! I took it to the gas station this morning to film a quick video of the issue but, the gas went in with no problem o_O It was even the same pump! Very weird...

I'm taking it in the the dealer this Wednesday to get the CEL looked at. I will follow up once I know the issue.
Do Jeeps have an antispill roll over device in the gas tank? I know I had this problem with my Envoy. Sometimes I could get it to take gas, other times not. So my brother "fixed" the antispill flap in the neck of the fuel tank.