Chinese Linglong / Crosswind mud tires?

I have them on my 03 chevy silverado 2500hd now for a few months I've already almost put 15,000 miles and they are still amazing! I know I'll get at least 30,000 miles prob way more. They dont road wonder to much they aret near as loud as some other expensive brands. Ill buy them overanything anytime as long as I can now. For my case 670 nothing comparres.o
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I ran a set of Ginell GN3000 tires when I had 33s. For the price they were hard to beat and worked great on and off road including slick rocks. I would still have them but found a guy with almost new 35s looking to downsize and made an even swap. Most of the Chinese tires are designed and speced here in the US and manufactured in China.
That is a whole different ball of wax, Ford is mostly to blame for that failure but they let Firestone take it firmly in the reputation. Not that Firestone never made a dud but that exploder tire issue was basically all Ford.
Exactly, Ford spec'd the air pressure too low for the tires which caused them to overheat and fail. Blaming Firestone for the tire failures is like blaming the aircraft manufacturer after a crash caused by the pilot being drunk.
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My son bought a set of the 285's for his F150 because they were cheap. Been running them about 2 years and has a little over 20,000 on them and there's another 10,000 or so left.......hopefully. There's been no issues regarding stopping on wet asphalt or hydroplaning. That may change as the tread gets more shallow. They ride well, no regrets.
You guys ever take a cab ride in China? They swerve, stop and steer pretty well on wet, icy streets regularly. For the money i'd trust these tires on some dirt no problem.
Shanghai back in 2008 during the worst snow storm in like 100 years. Cab drivers are freakin' crazy. Was in the front seat with colleagues in the back. Windshield was all fogged/frosted. I reached over to turn on the defroster and the cabbie went vertical on me.
Im looking for one or 2 Crosswind 33x12.50r15. I cant find them in stock anywhere. Does anyone know of a tire shop that may have some laying around?