Chipped ignition key

If you try starting too many times with the non-SKIM key, you will brick the computer. Then you need to find a Chrysler dealership who can still unlock it 20 years later.

You need the original grey SKIM key.
@Snuggybear, are you using the original key, or did you have a new key made? @C.J. Roberts is correct that the light indicates the SKIM (Sentry Key Immobilizer Module) is active and shutting your Jeep down. We need a bit more information on what lead up to this moment.

SKIM key is light gray. Non-SKIM key is black. FYI.
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It’s a chip key that I’ve been using for several years and started not working recently. Did some research and I’ll will send the PCM in to have it put in learn mode. Take the skim module out and hopefully doesn’t need a chip any longer. Thanks for your response and I will let you know how it works out.