Cleetus McFarland Hell Yeah Brother

They're in my old neighborhood. I used to frequent those tracks. Byron is cool because of the nuclear reactor towers you can see down past the end of the track. I remember one time I was with a buddy who was running his fully built CRX with a huge turbo on a B18c. He trashed his 4th gear somehow so we drove back 45min down the highway in 3rd gear at like 5500rpm with a straight pipe. That was absolutely brutal. Their tech used to be an old guy that looked at your car and decided whether he liked it or not to pass you as long as you had a helmet.

I guys running their classic VW beetles are friends of some friends. I have another buddy that has a VW bug with Tesla motors that runs high 9's low 10's. I told him to do sick summer, but he can't make the drive between the tracks LOL.
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