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Jun 3, 2018
I recently joined an Italian bike (brand not named) forum as I need a reliable source for some odd parts. My first post was to say hello and ask where could I find a charging system for my old classic. A member promptly responded with a link from a company that has everything I need. Two minutes later the forum administrator went into that member's post and erased his link and replaced it with his own link so he could make a sale. He did explain the profits benefit the forum. He could have just added his own link, I would have bought it from him. Miffed and annoyed, I shrugged it off (deciding not to let a European bike snob ruin my day) and started looking at the technical page. Oh, you can't read that unless you donate funds to the forum. Want advice from a member? Pay me first. I have no problem donating to a good forum and using the supporting venders when I can. Teamwork comes naturally to me. Also, avoiding limp dick rectums comes naturally. Won't be looking back there.
I'm a bit biased, but I have been a member of everything from the Corvette forum to the Ducati forum, and I am convinced this forum has the nicest bunch of folks. Again, perhaps there is some bias here, but I really do believe it.

In addition, I try not to run things like a dictator and be as transparent as possible. I'm happy to let people disagree (even if it's with me), whereas some admins might just immediately ban someone for disagreeing with them. I've heard it can be that way at Wayalife.
This is a nice forum. I think part of it is the jeep community's vibe. I grew up on which was an Okinawa specific street racing forum. It was similar to pirate4x4 but a lot edgier and most people knew each other personally outside the forum. It was hell on new people but fun to watch. Very active and large group. It went the way of most forums now because of new management and people moving on. Most forums are moving to FB actually which sucks IMHO. My old Oldsmobile has all but died and same with my old Skyline forum. Too bad. Glad this one is still bumping.
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It definitely is an interesting difference between forums and the mood and decorum they all bring. I agree wholeheartedly, given the nature of THIS forum, what we drive, where we go, etc.. can't go wrong here at all and if you receive a plate full of shit from anyone, there's a 95% chance you deserve it but even then there's usually a smiley face next to it.
I like the ease of use at this site. It's clean, easy to navigate. The 'New Posts' option is the best and allows me an idea of what is going on. I purchases a 2008WK and joined jeepforum and I struggle what the chaos that is that site. There is crap and links everywhere. People have been great, I just like the simplicity of this forum.
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I like the way this forum is set up. Everything seems to work really well, it doesn't take forever to load and you aren't slammed with numerous ads throughout the page that both slow it down and take away from the user experience. I've been a member on several other forums, including some Jeep specific ones, and both the moderators and the owners of them have honestly made them a shit show in which I will not be returning.

Even on the political side of things, you can post stuff and disagree with people, give each other shit, and it's not a big deal. On other forums I've literally been attacked and threatened to be banned by MODERATORS who I just didn't agree with, even though I was still complying with all the rules of their forum. In most of these cases the moderators themselves were acting in a super aggressive manner.
Oh, you can't read that unless you donate funds to the forum. Want advice from a member? Pay me first. I have no problem donating to a good forum and using the supporting venders when I can. Teamwork comes naturally to me.
That is one great thing about this forum. All the info you need is right there for the taking, well organized & thoughtfully laid out. I've probably donated more to this forum because of that than many other forums charge to remove restrictions.
I'm the same as @Tomcat . Only forum I've ever been a member of and have progressed from 1 finger typing to 2 finger typing while being on this forum, so thanks @Chris they let anyone join, even if there on the other side of the world 😉
You kiwis are good people. I’d stand with you any day.
Thanks very much ..clearly your not fussy either haha
EDIT.. actually I have to say I have met a fair few American people over my many years and have to say I've never met a bad one. Most are very generous and would give you the shirt of their back if they thought it would help, and that goes double for the members on here...keep up the good work.
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