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Mar 22, 2021
Hello all. Im adding a 2" ome suspension lift to my 2002 tj soon. I wasnt planning on doing control arms because of price for now but someone just put up a rough country control arm kit and I need to figure out if it would work with my lift. Its rough country 1071. In the description it says it is meamt for a 3-4" lift. I wasnt sure if I was close enough with a 2" or would run into problems. Thanks for any advice. Im new to upgrades and by no means super mechanical but I have been trying to do all repairs on the jeep to get better. So please forgive me if the answer to this should be obvious.

It will fit, yes.

However, I'd avoid any Rough Country garbage like the plague. If you're on a budget, look at Core 4x4 for control arms. Rough Country belongs one place and one place only...the trash can.
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Really appreciate the input. I was afraid of that. I want to be budget but I want function over budget so ill look into those control arms for sure.
At two inches of lift, there really isn't any reason to change your control arms. If you want to do a SYE and/or tummy tuck, then you should start looking, but avoid rough country, rubicon express, or any other control arm that uses a threaded washer to set tension in the bushing.
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