Coolant Leak Help


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Jul 3, 2023
Charlottesville, VA
Hey everyone,

88,000 mile 2006 TJ. Today when I got to work all gauges were normal and jeep was running fine. I shut the engine off and got out and heard dripping and steaming and saw white steam coming out of hood. So I opened it up and saw coolant had wet the bottom half of my engine bay. Control arms and axle were wet. Didn’t have too much time to look at everything but it seems like it may be my water pump. Haven’t leaked coolant up until now at all. Flushed system and replaced thermostat less than 2 years ago. Is this more likely hose or pump?



The coolant tracks are from pretty high up, I'd suspect either a blown radiator hose or perhaps the top of the radiator split open. Are you hearing any unusual noises? A water pump that has gone bad can get really noisy.
I had a similar leak. It was from the pump itself. However, it was much smaller in size, it was more of a dripping.
Here it seems like a pretty big leak, which tells me that something else is leaking.
after refilling with water.
Put the cap on but do not tighten it down.
At least you could drive it home.

Bring Water and depending on how far you have to go, check it every 5 miles or so.
My 2001 Sport has just recently developed the exact looking type of coolant leak pictured here. I have verified it is not leaking from thermostat area or radiator nor any of the radiator hoses or heater hoses. Water pump is the original from the factory being I bought the Jeep new back in 2001 and it has never been replaced. My water pump has never made any kind of sound and fan blade has no play at all...I'm guessing either the water pump seal or gasket has given up the ghost.? If radiator cap is not fully tightened down wouldn't you start losing coolant through the cap?
Look at the bottom of the water pump to see if coolant is leaking from the weep hole. Most times there is a telltale trail of residue.