DANA 44 rebuild


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Oct 2, 2019
New Fairfield CT
I picked up a DANA 44 axle that was totally striped down, that I am putting in my TJ. Well almost... it has in it new 5:13 gears with ARP air lockers. The axle tubes have been wiped clean of any brackets.
I know I need to get lower control mounts and a truss for the upper control arms since I want to do rear triangulated suspension. Along with shock/coilover mounts with bump stop pads along with stuff for the disc brakes.
My issue is not knowing where to exactly put them. Like I would love to have some measurements on where to place them.
Any help and suggestions will be greatly helpful
There’s some measurements in these instructions that may be helpful.


  • 1100104_Instructions_2.PDF
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