Dash cam and GPS routes


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Oct 29, 2015
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I'm really liking the new section of the forum where you can post up your favorite trails. Thinking about it though, something is missing... Then it hit me! Pictures, movies and GPS routes. People love to see pictures, and there is no better way to get out on a new trail than with a GPS route to follow. I've go the GPS nailed, so that's not the problem. The problem is pictures and movies.

So the question is, what's a reasonable dash cam that is fairly cheap and easy to work with. I'm usually to busy driving to mess about with a camera. Anyone have one / use one? What about editing software?

Thanks for the input...


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Go pro.old lady got me one .simple one button operation..eBay has 50 piece mount kit.with all diffront ways to mount on anything.head mount chest tri pod all kinds of vehicle mounts for like 25 dollars..you have to be creative in mounting on jeep or the bids are kinda boring..like put up on top the highest point on jeep or on the snake mount and point it down toward your tires so you can see what is happening..my first video I just put it on my dash.was doing some crazy hill climb and vid looks like your on flat land. But put it on the roof at highest point and its a completely diffront and you can tell how steal the hill is.

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Aug 23, 2018
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A little late to the conversation, but if you haven't already got the GoPro because of cost, I recommend the Akaso Brave 4. I just picked one up from eBay for $63. It is 4k definition, comes with a large selection of mounting and case accessories, and even a remote to start and stop video, or take pictures. I strapped the remote(much like a watch) to the steering wheel, so I just have to reach my thumb over and push the button and it starts recording. I could see the camera noticeably vibrating and shaking on the dash, but due to the software, and gyro, the video came out smooth. Colors show up stunningly. Only problem I've found with it so far, is that in lower light situations, the quality drops a bit, and with sunlight in the shot, it gets a bit washed out. I'm very pleased, and looking forward to taking this thing to Moab.