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Dim lights and multifunction switch brands.


TJ Enthusiast
Apr 17, 2021
Tallahassee, Fl. USA
So, I drove the Jeep to work today for the first time just for fun. Hit a bump in the road and the headlights went out. After regaining my composure I wiggled the switch-stalk and they came back on. Same thing with the sometimes takes wiggling the lever to get them to stop fast-blinking.
This is an 03 w/the light switches on the turn signal lever. Rockauto only has Shee-Mar brand in stock at the moment(my fault for putting it off). I'd have to pay 3x the price to get one from an autoparts store and I'm sure it would be from the land of almost-right as well.
Anyone have experience w/the Shee-Mar replacement multifunction switches? Should I hold off till another brand is available?

Also, I've cleaned and retightened the grounds at both front headlights and used contact cleaner on every related plug/connector involved(I think)....and the passenger-side headlight AND passenger side brakelight is dim. The passenger side tail light is bright like normal which seems to indicate the ground for that fixture at least is good. It's just the brake light.
Anyone got any further ideas on where to check for this electrical issue? I put new headlight and tail light bulbs in and it is just as dim.
As I understand it - both headlights are on the same circuit so if only one is dim it would appear to indicate something local to that I said, I've removed and cleaned the grounds at both lights.
The only clue I've come up with is that when I removed the ground on the side w/the dim light both headlights went out....makes it seem like maybe the drive side ground isn't working but I made that one bright-and-tight too. The wiring on this Jeep is in pretty good shape overall...none of the connections I've cleaned looked like they actually needed it.

Jerry Bransford

TJ Guru Moderator
Staff Member
Supporting Member
Nov 9, 2015
Fleming Island Florida
Rockauto also has the WVE brand which is not a bad brand. Some reviews I have read on it said it looked like a repackaged OEM, though that might also just mean it didn't pass the QC check for OEM lol.

Or, and what I'd probably do since you need it right away is go to NAPA and just ask for their premium/best replacement. Most of the time they seem to be fine.