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DIY headliner for soft top?


Jan 3, 2019
West Virginia
Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone has ever done or knows of a good DIY method for a headliner for a soft top? Or just any DIY to reduce overall sound in the cab? Normally I don’t mind the sound, it’s a soft top so I know it’s going to be noisy and I’m used to it. I’m about to head out in a 20 hour road trip and have people traveling with me so I wanted to see if anyone had any tricks to reduce the sound in the cab that’s not going to cost $300+? Thanks!


TJ Enthusiast
Supporting Member
Feb 24, 2017
Palatine IL, United States
I've tried a few things in the past without much luck. On a long highway drive, the hard top isn't really all that much better. I pop in some ear buds and listen to music or an audio book on the long hauls. The good news is that, the fuel mileage is so bad on the highway, you get to get out and take a break pretty frequently. lol
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