Do many people here have automatic transmissions?


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Dec 25, 2020
SoCal/North Dakota/ N Az
Both my YJ and TJ are manual. I enjoy the foot work and am good at it. At some point my physical abilities will force me to go to the dark side and switch to an auto. I would like to put a thumb throttle on my TJ and see what that’s like. I have not had to replace a clutch yet, 30+ yrs on the YJ. I do not do rocks where autos excel. There’s something about running through the gears that I find very satisfying.


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May 3, 2020

To make the overdrive switch still function but turn off automatically as you shift into gear (which is about when I think about it.)

Get a common 4 or 5 pin lighting relay, I used Dorman part #88069 but a 4 pin works if it operates the same..there are different kinds.

1. Find the green/white back up wire at the drivers side rocker that to pin 86

2. Tap the overdrive swiitch green wire to pin 30

3. Tap the overdrive switch blue wire to 87 (this may be orange on some models)

4 . Run 85 to ground

87a is not used.

The reverse light switch wire pulses the overdrive switch when you pass reverse to drive , just like pushing the button does.

It stays off until you turn off the ignition or manually overide it for higher speed driving. In effect, the green/white reverse wire power now does for you what your finger did, all else remains the same.

Thanks to @Jamison C for advising me, tune in tomorrow as we explain how the pyramids were built.

Hope you auto guys like this as much as I do.

Andy G

Thank you!