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Do you Hate your stock TJ seats position? $3.00 Mod


Aug 19, 2019
Los Angeles
So I've decided I need to adjust my seat so that front seats are more comfortable and do adjustment position for more stability when driving and off-roading with out breaking the bank. I posted a Junkyard seat replacement threading and only got 1 good Junkyard replacement suggestion for under $100 and most people said 2003-2007 Hyundai Tiburon years would be an easy swap and has more seat position options. ie: lumbar, thigh lift adj., recline, rear seat pull forward and forward/backward.
I thought my biggest complaint with my current set up was NO thigh lift on the Stock TJ sport seat. It seems if I could lift front mounting point an inch or two it could make the difference I was looking for.
I found 1 inch spacers which were found in my junk pile scrap bolts and took off the 13mm seat mount bolts and added them to the front mounts. I didn't even loosen the rear bolts. Tilted the seat back and dropped in the spacers and mounted the bolts back in for both the driver and passenger seat. The 1 inch lift made enough difference for me to feel the angle and stability I was looking for. So if you're disappointed about the seat position on your TJ's here is cheap and quick mod anyone can do.