Do you talk to your Jeep?


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Feb 18, 2018
Blasphemy... haha.

But seriously, the mazda 3 is one of the few compact cars with soul. I love my 2015 with the 2.5 and the 6 speed. It’s also reviewed quite well in car and driver and road and track.
Mines an 07 and an auto (it's my office and I spend 4-8h a day in mostly brutal traffic) the wife's mini puts a grin on my face but the Mazda stopped doing that after about day 3. I can tell a car's not interesting when I have no desire to do anything but give it Bluetooth, good seats and half way reasonable headlights.

There must have been a time
when we could have said no.


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Feb 1, 2019
Southern california
Yeah, like others mentioned; Only when it's being driven over boulders it should never be capable of. "Come on Baby, don't let me down".

Otherwise. No.
But it talks to me more than my dog. My jeep say things l like, "Fault is P0344". Or, "check engine " (says that only around smog check time), or "low fuel". And an annoying "beeeeep" if I put in the key with the door open. Which happens alot when I'm trying to fix "P0344".
We call it Blu, cuz it's blue. Wife's jeep is called "Army", cuz it's army green. We name them only because it's faster and easier to say than saying "I'm taking the green (or blue) jeep". We just say "I'm taking Blu".


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About the only time I talk to my jeep is right after the ratchet slips off a bolt head and i rake my hand and knuckles across a few metallic engine parts.

Then my vocabulary becomes rather colorfuI and i proceed to blame the jeep for something not really it's fault... poor jeep :)
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Sep 11, 2018
Denver, CO
Most of the times I talk “to” my cars it’s cursing at them for doing something or costing so much money. The Jeep gets the brunt of that 🤬
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Willys LJ

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Oct 26, 2018
Dyer TN
When I start getting attached to one, yeah, I talk to it.

My long gone old '80 CJ5 was "Bessie" aka "The Blue Mule". Some friends of mine named it when we were running the woods in the Red River bottoms in it one night. The name just kind of stuck on her.

The LJ hasn't really got a name yet. Mrs Willy has been calling it "Ol Blue" though, so I suspect that is going to be what it answers to.

I started talking to it before I ever drove it off the dealers lot on the way to it's new home.
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