Does anyone make a decent 1" hub centric wheel spacer?


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Aug 12, 2020
7/8” would be fine too like the ones M.O.R.E. makes but they are lug centric. And yes I am aware of the many 1.25” spacers available. Let’s just say I am really picky about backspacing. Thanks in advance.
Just ordered a set!

👍 I was wanting to try to stay as much under my factory flares with the 33x10.5x 15’s. Should have called out the studs will protrude a tad and you want to make sure your rim has the dimple space in back for that.
I started with 1 inch Titan hub centric and was happy but two weeks ago removed them for bigger size. Unfortunately a friend of mine wanted them and they are already gone. 😞
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