Don’t you love it when Wranglers park next to you?


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Nov 1, 2018
New York
I went snowboarding with my gf today and we parked in a part of the parking lot that wasn’t on pavement and left, when we came back five hours later we found this. Mine is in the middle lol
It’s really cool, I love this community! A lot of people in the ski resort were taking pictures of them yesterday, I felt famous lol
I’ve parked before and came out to find another Jeep beside me. I also ride a Harley and they will do the same. That ought to tell you something!

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I put my hardtop on weeks ago. This NY weather is balls cold.
Hardtop make a huge difference? It’s warmer in my Jeep sometimes than my moms BMW for some reason, I have a soft top but besides the noise I’ve never had issues with it
Just got my first it.

I park next to them constantly. Even in my f250....I want a good look at how it’s set up.

Secretly. I want them to see my Jeep too.

I Don’t Park next to clean, stock jk,s usually ....not much in common.
Over a year ago I parked next to a bone stock TJ that was the same color as my LJ. Just happened that the family was coming out as I was going in and as I walked away I heard the wife laughing. Can't know for sure why but from the tone it sounded like she was giving her husband a hard time.
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