Dorman 42RLE transmission pan opinions

Anybody out there that has used the dorman 42rle transmission pan? It has a drain plug bolt to drain the trans to make it less messy when i service the transmission. I also use the lube locker trans gasket. never had an issue with the stock pan leaking. thanks.

I used the kit and like it, but use a lube locker with it also, don't ask me why I know 😒
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I had a leaking trans pan. I went with the Dorman pan with drain plug for ease of future fluid changes. When I took the old pan off, 8 of the 13 bolt holes were stripped by the previous owner/mechanic and had HeliCoil repairs. Two of the repairs were not done properly and failing (the tang wasn't broken off and the coil was stretched from the bolt. Another one was also not inserted all the way, preventing the pan from mating with the trans case. Two additional holes were stripped and not repaired. Two of the bolts were stripped as well but not replaced. I put the pan back up to prevent dust and crud while the new HeliCoils were ordered. A few days later, it looked like the trans dripped another 1/2 quart of ATF into the pan as it sat for several days.

I removed the failed inserts, drilled and tapped the other two holes, and inserted new coils. I used a Lube Locker gasket, torqued down all the bolts, crossed my fingers, and filled her up. I ended up using almost 6 quarts to get up to the proper level. I've put a couple hundred miles on it so far, no leaks.

I also used a rubber washer to avoid leaks from the drain plug.
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