Driveline chirps - any suggestions?

Would somebody be so kind as to direct me to a thread or two that discusses the merits of repair vs. replace vs. upgrade for front driveshafts? I am sure they are out there, but I am struggling to locate any.

For what it's worth my target end goal is manual lockers front/rear, likely on 35s, with upgraded stock axles. No TT planned, but I would like to remove the 1 inch drop brackets that are currently installed to return to stock skid height. And ultimately SYE and aftermarket DS in the rear. While I am working on the front DS, I would like to go ahead and make all accommodations needed for my end goal setup.

Thanks in advance.

- Muddy

If you’re close to Huntsville Alabama Rocket City Off-road rebuilt my front driveshaft for $200. The center ball had a catch in it so that’s what they replaced. The universals were good. I think it would have been $250 if they had to replace them too.