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Driveshaft weirdness


TJ Enthusiast
Sep 21, 2021
So in the last week or so Ive been under a 17 Ram 1500 4x4 and a a 21 Bronco working on them. Either of these had a Ball type U joint if you can call it that. Never seen anything like it myself. The Ram,s front drive line at the T case and the Bronco at both ends of the rear DS. Has what looks likes a ball socket with a retainer to hold the ball into the cup. The Bronco also has a 4" diameter horizontally ribbed drive shaft with a slip joint in the middle encased in a boot. being a person who asks WTH is that It new to me and I cant find any pictures or info on line as of yet explaining their workings. The ball would have to be splined,ribbed or?? to keep from spinning in the cup. Seems like it would be a short lived part like the old Trunion style systems. New stuff is just weird to me, no wonder why I dont own a new anything. :cool:


Evil Winch Doctor
Supporting Member
Dec 16, 2018
What you are seeing is a Rzeppa style constant velocity joint. They work very for smooth power transmission as long as you stay within their design range of motion. Jeep JK, JL and JT all use these as well from the factory.
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