Easy way to relocate factory fogs on aftermarket bumper?


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Apr 26, 2019
I have an aftermarket bumper that lacks the second set of holes for the factory fogs that the OEM bumper has. I planned on removing the vertical bolt on the light brackets and running a bumper bolt through it, letting the light share a mounting point with the bumper. But after a little forum research, being a 97 it doesn't have the removable bolt but rather one that's permanent and integral to the bracket. So I need some way to relocate it. Or create a new bracket.

I grabbed these with a plan to use the innermost hole (low side) to mount to the bumper and outermost (high side) for the light, to replicate something quadratec used to sell. But they're too wide and the rear bumper bolt gets in the way. I don't want to use a washer stack to clear the rear bolt, as it would raise it more than I want.


I don't have a way to fabricate anything so looking for cheap off she shelf options. Some piece of hardware I can grab at home depot etc. That could be relocating the stock light bracket, or recreating the bracket to mount to the bumper bolt directly.

I can't drill a new hole because there isn't enough clearance next to the through-welded D-rings to tighten a bolt from underneath.

Any ideas?
Update: Well, I was overthinking it. Just drilled two more holes. Probably going to put the lights on the outside so they don't overlap the headlights. Don't love the way it doesn't sit quite flat, I might try and shim the right side ever so slightly.

Still overthinking it. Throw that ugly crap away and drill two holes in your bumper for the lights

Yeah this is a temporary solution for sure. But the bumper has supports for the D-rings inside that extend a few inches on either side of it, limiting area to drill a hole and get a wrench on a nut. It's not terribly wide.